Sunday, August 04, 2019

Testimony After Pedestrian Hit By Car And Nearly Killed In Kansas City Traffic

Aftermath and a powerful personal story of recovery following this tragic crash used by Bike/Walk advocates as a talking point. Take a look:

She Had Never Considered Kansas City's Streets Dangerous. Then, A Car Hit Her.

LaShanda Temple remembers how quiet the street was that night. It was about 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning this June, and she was leaving a gathering of friends near 31st Street and Benton Boulevard in Kansas City. "It was real mellow, you know. Not a lot going on.


Anonymous said...

So was she stoned AF? Leaving a party at 4 in the morning? One of her friends in the group probably stoned as well tried a burnout and lost it? This was a tragedy yes but as well speaks volumes about fools who party till all hours of the night doing stupid things.

Ever notice how these kind of things seldom and very rarely happen over in the golden ghetto?

The streets are not the issue as much as those who are on the streets.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Hell, these things only happen in a 60-square block area of the Inner City!

Anonymous said...

Be patient, I'm sure we'll hear from "Landslide Eric" about this too pretty damn soon.

Anonymous said...

Stupid fucking bitch was out at 4am in the middle of the shithole ghetto. God damn stupid fucking bitch. She is even more stupid than her dumb bitch mother.

Anonymous said...

First of all, 31st Benton is actually a nice, historic neighborhood. It is listed on the National Register of Historic places. It is not a ghetto and there are a ton fo affluent people that live in this community. However, there is a bad apple, a nuisance illegally operating business located at East 31st Street and Agnes. This is a real shit hole and invites really ill-meaning people to congregate and disrespect the community. Yes, she was part of that crowd and I would debate should not have been there, especially given that she has a spouse and kids. This type of party-going is and has been very disruptive to the underlying community. It’s too bad she was part of that. True, the intersection at 31st Street and Benton is dangerous... always has and always will be due to the unsafe traffic that flows through East 31st Street. It’s not any different with the issues at the Plaza, Crossroads and Westport. The only problem is that this area isn’t designated for illegal after hours parties. As a result of this activity, a ton of people have been shot, run over and otherwise injured because this single property owner has been allowed by the City to terrorize the community. It’s not the same as being a shithole ghetto. We have a diverse community of all races and ethnicities that live in this corridor. Only outsides who have no first-hand knowledge would call it a ghetto. You are mistaken 1:06pm. Is Ms Temple part of the problem... yes, she was... that night.

Anonymous said...

Nothing good happens after midnight out side of being happily at home.