Friday, August 09, 2019

Report: Grandview Teen Shot During Robbery

Update on rising local violence and one of the very worse inner-suburbs in town. Take a look:

Teen shot during attempted robbery in Grandview, police say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A 15-year-old was shot and injured during an attempted robbery on Thursday afternoon in Grandview, police said. On Friday, police said a business employee shot the teenager during the attempted robbery. The teen was transported to an area hospital with injuries that were not life-threatening.


Anonymous said...

Hahahah. "Teen"

I guess "Future black prison inmate" is too many words.

Anonymous said...

To the target range with that shopkeeper!

Anonymous said...

Watch. Geezer hater will be playing woke popo with a bitchboi post soon, because someone speculated on a crim's race being non-white. He say there's a Rooskie bots on here, Matlock's on, get a DNR, and the usual milli-the-kid crybabying crap.