Saturday, August 31, 2019

Kansas City Vegan Trending?!?!

Heart-clogging BBQ goodness is celebrated in Kansas City BUT this bit of news insight claims that veggies & soy are now the cutting edge of local cuisine . . . Shared by the BEST & BRIGHTEST from our blog community. Checkit:

Vegan Restaurants Are On The Rise

Most Americans are still eating animal products regularly, but from coast to coast, consumers from all walks of life are embracing plant-based foods. One thing is becoming increasingly clear with each passing year: Americans want more vegan restaurants, even if they have to build them themselves


Anonymous said...

I wonder if a vegan’s mouth starts to water when the smell trees blooming or fresh cut grass. Like I do when I smell a nice, marbled ribeye searing on an open flame.

Anonymous said...

Vegans smell funny, sort of like mildewed grass clippings.

Anonymous said...

Vegan food? Well, how about just plain good food instead of fried this or that?