Friday, August 16, 2019

Kansas City Morning News Link Pool


We've been testing out a few content strategies over the past week and the response has been pretty good but still probably not as "influential" as all the derriere photos on America's favorite social media app . . . Sorry but KC news doesn't have as much interest as the increasingly prominent backside of pop culture . . . And this inspires our morning news peek:

HT: Rita Ora’s Booty Makes Sweet Music

Stuff: Why we're getting butt jobs for Instagram

LB: Millionaire Outrages People By Slapping Models' Bums On Private Yacht

Closer to home, here are somewhat nicer news items that also deserve a look:

Fanboy Furniture Now For Sale

Arrowhead Stadium seats now on sale Arrowhead Stadium seat sale SOURCE: Chiefs fans can now own a piece of Arrowhead Stadium.Old seats from the upper deck, replaced during summer renovations, are now on sale at seats are currently available only to people living in Jackson County, Missouri.

Meth Town Tastes Great

How does Independence have the most delicious tap water?

Independence's tap water has been named among the top-five best-tasting tap waters in the world for seven of the last eight years at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting Competition, the largest such competition in the world.

Blvd Blaze Tribute

60 years later, remembering deadly Southwest Boulevard fire

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - When a gasoline tank exploded on Southwest Boulevard in Kansas City, Kansas, on August 18, 1959, it took the lives of six people and changed how American companies store gasoline.

Show-Me Weed Wait Time

State extends deadline for medical marijuana applications

Missouri is giving businesses that want to run medical marijuana facilities more time to file applications.Missouri's Department of Health and Senior Services on Thursday extended the deadline until 4:30 p.m. Monday.

Lesson In Bad Driver Good Luck

Kansas miracle: No kids struck by 1,040 motorists ignoring school bus stop signs

More than 1,000 motorists illegally passed school buses in Kansas during a one-day test in April to determine willingness of the public to respect stop sign arms and flashing red lights deployed by drivers.Jim Porter, the southeast Kansas representative on the Kansas Board of Education, said he was alarmed 1,040 of 3,300 buses involved in the survey were improperly passed by motorists.

Kansas City Urban Success Story Coming Soon To Brookside

Ruby Jean's Whole Foods spot will blend in Troost inclusivity, Chris Goode pledges

As Chris Goode prepares to open a new Ruby Jean's location Saturday inside a Whole Foods Market south of the Country Club Plaza, the health enthusiast's hustle hasn't outpaced his thirst for community, he said.

Soggy Cowtown Redux

Rain dies out Friday morning, more storms possible Friday night


Jonas Brothers - Only Human is the song of the day and this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

Wow all this world class culture this town offers is stunning isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I can hear all the kids from rural Kansas and Missouri yelling.

We're in the Big City! We're in the Big City!

Anonymous said...

^^you both seem really lonely and pathetic. Your comments were weak. How come you don't have anything better to do?

Anonymous said...

Yes, why don't the hang out in the Library and troll other people?
After all, that's the best possible way to spend a lifetime, isn't it

Anonymous said...

OMG a new Ruby Jean’s in one of the most richest and enlightened places on earth! 301 E 51st St! Can't wait to sip a smoothie on the patio while watching unicorns chasing rainbows over Brush Creek!

Anonymous said...

Gotta get a couple of those seats for the front porch.

Grunt Grunt

Anonymous said...

Local Muzzie Jihadist Sara Jawhari pitching Rubys Jeans?

Ah hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

^^you both seem really lonely and pathetic. Your comments were weak. How come you don't have anything better to do?

Were you talking to yourself while staring in the mirror at four days worth of stubble before starting your daily Tony's shift 9:37?

Super Dave said...

The storage tank fire on Southwest Boulevard 60 years ago not only changed how gas was stored and handled it also changed how firefighters dealt with such fires. Firefighters the world over have studied and learned from that fire and a large part of that was due to the coverage provided by people such as Charles Gray and the camera crews who captured the event all on film. The film shot that day aided greatly in letting people being able to study what was known to have gone wrong to see how best to try and prevent it in the future. It was indeed a dark day for firefighters on both side of the state line. I vividly remember the pictures being shown on television during the fire and being with my father at his station in Overland Park where some of the local firefighters had gathered to be on standby if needed. This fire also laid the groundwork for the mutual aid agreements between most all fire depts in the greater Kansas City Metro area being put together. While much was lost from this fire much was also learned from it and has aided in the prevention of possible further loss of lives not only to firefighters but for civilians as well.

Anonymous said...

Hope things go well for Chris on the Plaza, he's a good guy.

The Ruby Jeans inside the YMCA in NKC closed, their prices were too high and staffing was problematic, but it should mesh well inside Whole Foods, since the WF customers are accustomed to astronomical prices and seem to have no idea what they should be paying for the quality they are receiving there anyway.

Anonymous said...

Jeez stupid dave...thanks for just repeating everything verbatim from the story. You added nothing. Also, thanks for finding a way to insert yourself into the story like you do ALL the time. Dullard.

Anonymous said...

^^^^STFU loser. He added some info that wasn't covered in the story plus how he remembers things from that day. So 11:38 how about you go fuck yourself, your constant attacking bullshit/hate is getting old.

Anonymous said...

^^ Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Stupid dave got knocked the fuck out!!!!!!

Tracy Thomas said...

Agree, Super Dave added personal context and content. Haters, go take a nap.

As for clustering so many posts in one comment place, this might be hard for knuckleheads to know what they are commenting on, Tony.

How about labeling as A,B,C???

So, A would be stadium seats
B would be Indep. water quality
C would be the fire

My comment would be:
B: Does crack really taste that good???

Anonymous said...

^^Only in your mind!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tracy.

Clusterfuck with too many disparate stories.
Turns this site into WhackATroll.

Why are you doing this, Tony? Does it save you time? But still generate the nickel a tickle income from the bikini clickbait?

I need a drink. Just not that Independence water. (B)

Anonymous said...

Good one, 12:28.

Anonymous said...

How about this.
Whack the Captcha to death.

Anonymous said...

Interesting coincidence of another Southwest Boulevard fire - the 2003 Schutte Lumber Company, $8 million arson fire that was linked to two arson fires at Clay County lumber company properties.
Six people identified, only four named and jailed. Mercifully, no firefighters were killed.
Skippy Sanders corruptly declines to prosecute for fear of identifying probable instigator, Clay County lumberyard owner/developer.
February, 2014, developer contributes $5,000. to Jerry Nolte's campaign for Clay Commissioner.
October 11, 2019, Nolte hosts developer at "political" meeting and developer lectures on benefit of TIF incentives.

Anonymous said...

^^ You're right

Past military records archiver....friend and family to FD across 3 continents, through 4 generations. said...

In 1959 many of the firefighters on KCKFD and KCFD rosters were combat experienced veterans of foreign wars. Some had MOS or AFSC fire suppression certifications from one, or more, of the US military branches. Military operations research of fire suppression and the real war defense from and deployment of incendiaries influenced the application of fire sciences to civilian fire departments. Tactics, tools, and technologies advanced much from that 8/18/1959 major fire and explosion on Sourthwest Boulevard. Brave, educated, and dedicated professional firefighters are beneficiaries of the warriors, scientists, and instructors before them. They're beholden to the USAF and other instructional systems that continue to advance global knowledge for fire safety and response.

Anonymous said...

^^Good thing you didn't use your real name or 11:38 be calling you stupid.