Saturday, August 24, 2019

Kansas City Chiefs Trading Tyreek Hill?!?

This would basically destroy team's chances this season but that, rightfully, doesn't stop local fans from worrying. Read more:

It would take a lot for the Chiefs to trade Tyreek Hill

Chiefs fans are abuzz with rumors of interest in teams acquiring Tyreek Hill. There are many reasons that would be difficult, including the tumultuous offseason Hill just experienced, should an organization elect to make that kind of move. From a football standpoint, it would be a significant challenge for the team trying to acquire Hill to meet the compensation required.


Anonymous said...

Trade the bum, he will be trouble again. it's just his nature to do so.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the brave new Womyn sports journos can fabricate more stories to keep it interesting.

Anonymous said...

Trade him. Enough with his drama already.