Thursday, July 04, 2019

Kansas City Melting Pot Revealed

Kansas City blogger insight into local history, on the edge of an iconic history and central to this town's character. Read more:

West Plaza Block: Immigrants, Births, Deaths, Weddings, Soldiers


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile McMansion's and Flintstone Moderns are popping up there and driving peoples property and land taxes through the roof.

I suppose clinging to ancient history (the way things were) could offer some comfort until a flatbed rig pulls up with a giant bulldozer on it and unloads it right next door to you to start a sun blocking $900K house right next to your bungalow.

Anonymous said...

Yep kinda like they are getting ready to do in Central Hyde Park with the mix use buildings. But not until after the tax fiasco is over because home owners property values will tank but they will still be paying huge taxes every year.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Yeah but that's how it works. Force people into a position where they have no choice but to sell cheap to NS"FU" or Big Dick Design just to escape taxes.

Anonymous said...

And yet it’s not how it works at all. Weird.