Friday, July 05, 2019


There's a hope that they'll extend the deadline but most homeowners aren't counting on it. Another reminder:

Jackson County and Board of Equalization remind property owners of deadline

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The Jackson County Board of Equalization (BOE) considered a request by Jackson County Assessment Director Gail McCann Beatty to consider any timely-filed 2019 informal review request also be considered as a timely-filed 2019 BOE appeal. The BOE failed to get a motion on the request, therefore, the request died.

Despite this action, the County remains committed to ensuring that every property is assessed fairly and accurately. The assessment department will continue to work with property owners and process all informal reviews.

If property owners believe their property’s assessed valuation is not accurate and would like it reviewed by the BOE, they must file a formal appeal to ensure their case is heard. The deadline to file a formal appeal is Monday, July 8.

The assessment department continues to process informal reviews and will continue to do so until each one has been reviewed appropriately. During this process, regardless of the date, if the department determines, or if the property owner and department agree to a stipulation that a valuation should be changed, the County will request that a change is made by the BOE. However, it is important for property owners to know that this only applies when the department determines a change is appropriate and in no circumstance is the BOE bound to follow the recommendation of the County.

To ensure your case is heard by the BOE, you must file a formal appeal with the BOE. Formal appeal applications can be found online at:

Board of Equalization Appeals


Way to smart for the crooked politics of KC said...

Biggest taxpayer ripoff in KCMO History me thinks.

Anonymous said...

How'd you like to poor sucker who just spend a week working 20 hour days to file informal appeals for dozens of properties who just found out today he wasted his time and would have to file formal appeals?

Anonymous said...

@4:43 "Biggest taxpayer ripoff in KCMO History me thinks."

All based on fraudulent assessments.

KCMO has hit an all time new low.

Anonymous said...

Face it folks you are fucked and the county will cook the books to fuck you over and get away with it.

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Jackson County can rip-off taxpayers, but every story has two sides, for those who have not forgotten how to think for themselves: ... Think about it.