Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Activist Clay Chastain Disputes Court Dismissing His Case Against Kansas City Star

Other than the part where he calls himself a hero, check the response from Clay Chastain after his case against The Star was thrown out. We've highlighted what looks like his main point and a warning to Kansas City.

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Clay Chastain: Local courts blow it again in favor of the powerful over the powerless - KC's unsung hero.

U.S. District Court Judge Greg Kays stayed consistent with the Kansas City courts' tradition of allowing the powerful to walk all over the powerless. In my (Clay Chastain) defamation case against the KC Star, I sued them over their false statements that I threatened Mayor Sly James and had suffered from depression. Judge Kays ruled I offered no proof those two statements were false. Right judge. As to the lie about threatening James I cited no.... police report, witnesses, emails, press releases, phone calls, City Hall security questioning me, and I even cited the fact Mayor Sly James himself admitted he had never heard I threatened his personal safety over the THREE year period I was wrongly placed on the City's "Watch List" for citizens considered dangerous!!!! As to the Star's other lie that I "had suffered depression," I cited... I had never been clinically depressed, taken any medication for depression nor had I ever seen a doctor for any mental illness. What did this federal judge want...a notarized statement from God???

And the existing law says the court is to "liberally construe" my complaint!

Here is your take away: KC courts will not defend We the People from smear attacks from the KC Star and City Hall; and nor will they defend We the People's valid petitions from being ignored and severely interfered with by City Hall.

Fighting the Star and City Hall is a thankless job, but the only way to fight back is to do what I've done for the past 25-years...step back, regroup and come at em again. See ya in the next court- bully boys.

KC community activist, Clay Chastain

P.S. The most Honorable Judge Kevin D. Harrell is a shining exception. Recently, he twice ruled in my favor when the City tried to get my defamation case against it thrown out. He was later overruled by the establishment-loving Western District Court of Appeals.

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Anonymous said...

Clay, I am sorry that this has happened to you. People back in the late 80's early 90's remember your tireless work with Union Station and other projects.
You just aren't one of the "good old boys" that will look the other way while public corruption goes rampant. If you have a brain cell, they are going to feel very threatened. In those days I had never hear of Sly James or any of the other new "masterminds" that are grifting around the City using TIFF and CID money like it was a prize found in a cracker jack box. Too much CRAP is politically driven giving no regard, as to what is good for the taxpayer. C'mon FBI get on with the investigations and give KC back to the people.

Anonymous said...

Keep fighting Clay, lets take this city down! With enough rope these thugs will hang themselves. The black panthers of KC Sly James, Quinton Lucas, and everyone else don't scare me either.

NicK said...


The Kansas City Star said...

Yeah, see ya next time, moron, when we'll have you by the balls again.