Saturday, June 29, 2019


Our blog community talked up this shameful overgrown Northeast Kansas City sward and now we notice it has been freshly shorn like a recently divorced Midtown lady who just downloaded Tinder.

Here's a quick note on the topic from one of our favorite local Internets denizens:

"I credit your picking up my post on this house with getting this done. Thanks. It still looks like crap, but shorter crap."

And so, this might be our new slogan of Summer 2019: TKC, slightly improving Kansas City with shorter crap.

You're welcome and THANKS TO ALL OF THE READERS for their City Hall trolling advocacy.


Jackass County said...

Jack up the assessment to half a million.

Byron Funkhouser said...

My neighbors have been mowing my grass for the last two years, & they won't take any money for it. One of them said it was painful watching me bend over double to push a little mower, then have to stop every ten minutes to catch my breath. The last time I did it, it took me two days. It takes them about an hour, & having my grass mowed at the same time, & the same length, as theirs makes the neighborhood look nice. But, then city neighbors don't even speak to each other, or know each other, do they?

They do it because they are West Virginians, & this place is "Almost Heaven".

Anonymous said...

No Byron, they don’t give a shit about you being out of breath, they were just afraid that your supposedly blind ass would run over their flowers and plants with the lawnmower. Do they trim your bush too?

Anonymous said...

Obviously Byron cannot find another blog close to home, or anywhere else for that matter, who will allow him to espouse his nonsense, so he has to assuage his ego clear back in KC. Sad.