Sunday, June 16, 2019

Still Not Safe To Walk On Kansas City Streets

Morning lady pedestrian mowed down by motorist and a reminder that this town has a reputation as one of the LEAST walkable cities in the Midwest. Read more:

Pedestrian struck, killed near 47th & Ridgeway

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A female pedestrian was struck and killed near 47th & Ridgeway Avenue early Sunday morning.


Anonymous said...

But they sure are bike friendly even when there's more walkers than bikers. Stupid, but hey get your taxes raised through the roof and then put a Bunch sign in your yard. Make sense??????? NOT!

Anonymous said...

What be dat bump? Who be walking in de streets while I is on da fone?

Anonymous said...

This shit town is Bird friendly, so one got mowed down walking, yet you see Bird scooters laying on every city street corner like trash - guess she should have took a bird!!! Walking doesnt make the city money, but stupid bird scooters do, any questions when a death of someone walking is involved?, I didnt think so!!