Sunday, June 16, 2019


After a DEADLY SHOOTING SATURDAY the cycle of violence continues in this community. Checkit:

Occupied house hit by gunfire in Raytown

RAYTOWN, MO (KCTV) -- A house with people inside was hit by gunfire on Sunday morning. Police were called to the house in the 5200 block of Blue Ridge Blvd. at about 8 a.m. When police arrived, they found a home that had been hit by several gunshots.


Anonymous said...

The negroes just won’t stop shooting, what the hell is wrong with those people?

Anonymous said...

Its seems to consistant that any violence that happens in Raytown is usually on the same streets that boarder KCMO! City limits can be defined by signs, Emergency services, and snow plows, but when a city (KCMO) full of corruption and unsolved homicides spill over into cities attached to it, Like Raytown, the violence is still on the hands of KCMO who have so many issues they choose not to resolve, and the result of that spills into neighboring cities which is a tragedy!! I have lived in Raytown for many years, I dont live close to any KCMO border street and I have never had a problem in my neighborhood in over 30 years. When we in Raytown call 911 someone answers and the response is swift, the responders are professional and our police and emergency service providers dont end up on the news for doing something unprofessional. KCMO is a shit hole, the government is corrupt, their city services are a joke, and their potholes will destroy your vehicle because they choose to spend your tax dollars corruptlywhich is the root of ALL of your problems in KCMO!!!