Thursday, June 27, 2019

Kansas City Trans Murder Victim Continues To Raise Questions Among LGBT Community

Washington Post raises questions about Trans murder frequency at this location as this location is now a hotspot for Trans homicide. Read more:

Transgender Woman Shot and Killed in Kansas City

Police have identified the body of a person shot and killed in Missouri earlier this week as 32-year-old Brooklyn Lindsey, a black transgender woman. According to The Kansas City Star , Lindsey was found dead on the porch of an abandoned house in Kansas City, Missouri, this Tuesday, June 25, with obvious signs of trauma to the face.


Byron Funkhouser said...

"...trauma to the face..." "...heard gun shots..." "...cause of death not yet determined..." "...authorities are investigating the incident as a homicide."

I'll give the police the benefit of doubt, & say they may be waiting for the results of a formal autopsy. But, the rest of us don't need to wait.

She was murdered...probably for being transgender, though it might of been domestic or a drug deal gone bad.

But, hey, Kansas City is in the National News, again.


Anonymous said...

"...probably for being a transgender...." Is that what the little voices in your head are telling you to say, or you have actual facts to support that statement?

Not Cheech Marin said...

This location is "a hotspot for trans homicide" ? Finally some good news !