Saturday, June 01, 2019

Kansas City Saturday Meth & Stolen Truck Country Song Inspiration

Mugshot cover already provided by local authorities. Take a look:

KCMO man caught with stolen truck, 150 grams of meth

Edwin Sagastumesosa, a 22-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, man who said he was excited to find a backpack with over 150 grams of meth inside a stolen truck is now charged with dealing drugs, the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office announced Friday.


Anonymous said...

Is this the same Kshb that won’t print a picture of the black that murdered 12 innocent people yesterday but they put a picture of a dumbass white meth head on the front page? WTF IS GOING ON AROUND HERE?

Byron Funkhouser said...

I read news stories from several sources, & I didn't see any mention of the shooter's race, or name, anywhere. Until I read some of the comments here on TKC I didn't know he was black, even though I was accused of not talking about it because he was black.

The racists on this blog are all excited because it's a rare thing for a mass murderer to be black. Most news sources are following New Zeeland's lead about not focusing on the shooter, but rather the victims.

I guess the workshop planned for today in Virginia Beach on mass shootings has been canceled.

Anonymous said...

Byron you ignorant knucklehead.

Disgruntled BLACK former (fired) employee. Another in a continuing saga of BLACK ON WHITE CRIME!!! said...

As usual Byron, total bullshit.

Anonymous said...

BlieROB wants that white boy, methy Edwin to have an ALL black jury if this tweaker goes to trial. Rayciss Funkshyster assumes too much about whether whites on juries are impartial, and that makes him doubly rayciss! Because, the West Virginny jeenyus is assuming ALL whiteys will be favorable to whitey defendants, but not favorable to black defendants.

Plus, you just know by the frequent smacks at whites Funk does, that he assumes blacks on juries would feel vindicated that whitey is getting his due discomfort just like ALL blacks (defendants, their families, their friends) have felt when ALL those wicked, rayciss whiteys have decided unfavorably for them at trial.

Anonymous said...

Seems like a Samoan name, to get picky/technical. Byron you should just quit this site bc people like to bait you and you always take it.


About now, the dummy's name is mud! said...

Damn, Radish, Google much?This looks to be a joining of two names, Sagastume and Sosa, without a hyphen like lib chicks started, or the traditional Latin American padre's surname preceded by the madre's. Maybe back in some barrio records office,
this family named got recorded wrong. Sagastume is listed as a common surname in Guatemala. In Basque Spanish it translates to "young apple tree". Sosa means ya got a kin to hit up for some pesos, or, not.

Anonymous said...

^^ should be padre's PRECEDING madre's

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why do u use byron funkhouser when that's not your name.. weird

Anonymous said...

DeWayne Craddock is the name of the mass murderer in Virginia, I don’t know where you knuckleheads get Samoan out of this.

DeWayne be DeCeased at the DeMorgue.

Anonymous said...

People let me tell you the truth about most mass shootings there fake news
types of mass shootings: shooter dead or captured alive both fake all orchestrated
chaos to get your guns. In the Virginia Beach case, the shooter was a victim like the
other ones. Look for the clues they report about the shooter, a large arsenal of weapons,
the red flag is ha had a silencer.

When President Trump said fake news he was right, he let a cat out of the bag and a lot of
people on both sides are upset, don't forget Trump is not your typical Republican or poli-

Peace Love and Truth,