Thursday, June 06, 2019

Kansas City Loves Gentrification?!?!

MSM follow-up on MUCH MORE FUN TKC COVERAGE from earlier in the week . . . There's still more slap-fighting underway but for now here's the nice news about fools and their money. Read more:

Empty-nesters, young families flock to city neighborhoods

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The trend of empty-nesters moving to the city is taking place nationwide, and Kansas City isn't exempt. But in Kansas City, young families also are flocking to some of the same neighborhoods, like the Westside. "We love having this backyard," said Bryan Clithero, who gave us a tour of his Summit Street home.


Anonymous said...

I can tell they are not REAL downtowners. NO shopping cart in the front lawn.

Anonymous said...

^^^ LOL

Mr. Diversity said...

Also, be sure to get your concealed carry permit and practice often.

You actually don't need the permit in MO, but get one anyway. Welcome to downtown. No garage? Don't worry, you probably won't have a car very long if it's one of the popular steal models. I would suggest the Ring doorbell, but they like to steal those. Again, welcome.

Anonymous said...

^^ Or just buy a house north of the River.