Friday, May 31, 2019

Standing Against Oak Park Mall Peeper

THIS DUDE was found guilty of trying to record women in dressing rooms and received probation for the allegations. In a more inspiring story, there was public testimony against the creeper that hoped to inspire young girls to stand up for themselves and report abuse. Read more:

Teen peeping victim spreads message of vigilance

Emily, a 16-year-old victim of a peeping Tom in a mall changing room, hopes every female will take heed of this picture she took when a Joplin, Missouri, man in the stall next to her aimed a cell phone camera into her changing room.


Anonymous said...

Why did he get a plea deal and probation? Sounds like Johnson County is turning into Jackson County. Gotta love liberal judges.

Anonymous said...

Publish his picture, name, home address and place of employment (if any), lessons will be taught, and the problem will be resolved.

There are lots of fathers of sixteen-year-old girls in the Joplin area.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Good call.

Albert Einstein said...

Bring changing room partitions all the way to the floor on all 4 sides- problem solved!!

E=mc2 guy is so GENIUS! said...

See what debauchery Barry's BathHouse BS brings to violate our society's innocent and unsuspecting youth? Stalls used by EITHER gender (yep, that means TWO, because there are TWO, and NO MORE!) that adjoin and have "openings" is REAL FUBAR BEYOND BELIEF, BY DECENT PEOPLE. Toilet stalls AND fitting rooms should be separated by "full" walls, and males should be segregated to their clothing department or in another distinct area for trying on clothes while females are using dressing rooms segregated from the males. A teen female, and, everyone, is entitled to their expectations that private spaces mean private.

Anonymous said...

Forget the photos. Just walk in on underage girls undressing.

That's how a real baller like Trump does it. Maybe she was only a "5" or "6" and just not worth it.

Anonymous said...

What's a barry bathhouse? Was there a policy change on dressing rooms I missed?

You sound obsessed and a little conflicted.

Full walls should work fine. With that, you wouldn't need to worry about who is in the next stall. No need to hire gender police to check and segregate customers by genitals. Really, that's a job nobody wants.

Although, I don't know if floor to ceiling walls would work with you. I'm getting a real glory hole vibe from your post.