Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Pothole Fixes Suffer Rain Delay

Another public works excuse across the metro. Here's the update that seeks forgiveness that doesn't pay EPIC bills for tire killing problems. Take a look:

Heavy rain adding to road setbacks across Kansas City area

OLATHE, KS (KCTV) -- Rain can cancel your plans for outdoor activities, and it's not that different for crews doing road construction and repairs. Olathe Public Works said all this rain the city has received has pushed them back in both pothole repairs and regular street projects.


Anonymous said...

Give me a break. B S

Anonymous said...

All they have to do is use compressed air to dry the potholes up and put new asphalt in, do you think a real company would stop work for wet holes? Hell no, they want to do their job and get paid. This is just sLIE trying to move that money to another developer project.

Anonymous said...

They fill pot holes in the Caribbean and other shit hole countries where it rains daily.
The used 45,000# quick drying cement mixed in with a little lime.
A sealant is used.