Friday, May 31, 2019

New KCI Construction Disaster Worsens?!?!

A low-key quick warning that building around this facility is growing increasingly problematic as the convenience of the facility is now slowly stripped away. Read more:

Bridge construction will impact KCI drivers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Heading to the airport this weekend? Construction on Interstate 29 might have you rerouting. A portion of I-29 will be closed for most of the weekend as crews set bridge girders at NW Tiffany Springs Rd.


Anonymous said...

How the hell does widening Tiffany Springs Road have anything to do with KCI?
You might as well claim that allowing Kansas Drivers onto I-29 Northbound is "part of the KCI disaster"!

Anonymous said...

There’s not that many people coming and going at kci anyway, everything is pretty much dead up there except for the holidays.

Why exactly did they need to widen the road when it’s barely used?

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Jim said...

We landed at KCI last night after a wonderful 3 week trip to Switzerland and Italy. The construction stopped I-29 going south and there were NO instructions on a detour. In addition, one of the huge and really neat, I'm an engineer so bear with me, girders was blocking a traffic circle that is on the logical detour path. Really it was the biggest FU on the whole trip except for changing planes at Heathrow.