Wednesday, May 08, 2019


Tonight's note from the UG after activists and neighborhoods feared the worst . . .

Unified Government Has No Plans to Sell KCK Recreation Centers

The Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City will continue operating its seven KCK Recreation Centers as public facilities for all Wyandotte County residents. There are no plans to sell any of the centers nor turn them over to private companies to operate.

A group of residents concerned about the future of the Recreation Centers are spreading misinformation and fueling rumors that the centers will be turned into private fitness facilities. Those rumors are false.

The damaging rumors started when the Unified Government did provide space in the Amayo Argentine Community Center to Metro 24, a private fitness facility company. While that portion of of the center does require a membership, the rest of the center is open for public use. The Metro 24 facility is very popular with residents and memberships have exceeded projections.

The UG briefly evaluated the possibility of leasing space for another fitness facility in the Bethany Community Center, but decided not move forward with those plans.

“We will always look at opportunities to maximize and provide the most recreational opportunities for our residents,” stated County Administrator Doug Bach, “but we are not moving forward on any proposed changes at this time.”

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