Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Kansas City Tuesday News Link Pool Now

Double pop culture news items provide us insight on pop culture as it stands right now . . .

Egotastic: Claudia Romani And Daisy Jae Wear Disconcertingly Tiny Thongs Together

Vanity Fair: How Rudi Gernreich, Fashion’s Utopian Prophet (And Inventor of the Thong), Saw the Future

Closer to home, here are the stories we're checking:

Downtown 'Affordable' New Hotness

Cordish Cos. plans affordable housing project at Midland building - Kansas City Business Journal

The Cordish Cos., the Baltimore-based developer behind the One Light and Two Light towers in downtown Kansas City, unveiled plans for a $25 million redevelopment that will include 117 apartments in the former Midland office building.

Kansas Sunshine Sadness???

Kansas Solar Users Still Waiting For Evergy To Live Up To Rate Deal

Solar panel users in Kansas continue to pay higher electricity bills as they wait for utility company Evergy to keep a promise made during this year's legislative session to remove a recently added fee. Evergy says it will follow through on the promise by the end of May.

Show-Me Gimme Impasse

Missouri governor pushes for vote on GM tax break bill

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson pushed Tuesday for an up-or-down vote on a package of new business tax breaks and scholarships as a group of fellow Republicans blocked all work in the state Senate because of opposition to parts of the bill.

More Deets On Good Life In The Loop

New rooftop bar opens at Crossroads Hotel

Just in time for summer, a new rooftop bar with beautiful views of Downtown Kansas City is open atop Crossroads Hotel.

KCMO Hip-Hop Redux Invention

Break Free KC drops beat on cultural stereotypes, aims to rebrand hip hop

Hip hop culture in Kansas City is misunderstood, James "Sug Easy" Singleton said, explaining his mission to help local artists break free of stereotypes and live their passion with authenticity.

B-List & Paul Rudd Local Party Planning

KC Forecast Update For Now

Temperatures stretching towards the 80s, a few storms possible

An isolated strong storm is possible Tuesday and Wednesday

And this is the OPEN THREAD for the afternoon . . .


Anonymous said...

“Affordable housing project downtown?” There goes the neighborhood.

Waiting for the rest of the world to catch up with our innovative ways said...

Bet the tourists will be flocking to that rooftop bar.

Anonymous said...

Bet they won’t because any bar in the Crossroads is sure to be full of homosexuals. Tourists go on vacation to get away from faggotry and queers.

ThemApples said...

The suckers that bought into the solar panel scam are creating a lot of green for KCPL. Any green proposal is a scam from the very beginning.

The Hipsterocracy, drunk on craft beer said...

Not only affordable housing, we also "deserve" to eat out every day, own luxury brand items, take resort vacations, and so on.

Anonymous said...

Living large "inside the loop" in dynamic vibrant downtown KCMO.
A'int got nothin' like this in Cow Pie Nebraska!
All this luxury and THE streetcar too!

Everything is up-to-date in Cowtown, MO! said...

Ooooh, aaah, a total of $3000 spent on one wall of IKEA cabinets in the "efficient" kitchen adjacent minimal shelves below the flat screen, and another $500 in IKEA couture for "tidy" storage in the bathroom. These white vinyl laminate DIY doors on laminated boxes are the ultimate in LUXURY!

Anonymous said...

The best quality of life is in south kansas city, the tiny homes for the Vets, the rest of us cant live in that affordable foot print due to city ordanance, but I am all for homeless veterans not begging for money on my way to work, now if the shitty city can get the true not veteran douchebags off the corner begging for money, after all its a ordinace that isnt enforced, go 5 over the speed limit and the motorcycle satin cops will write you a ticket, to pay for that village.

Anonymous said...

Shit's affordable on the east side.

Also there should be no discussion about affordability by people who are jacking up the tax rate since it disproportionately affects low income