Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Kansas City Star Debates Missouri AG Hawley Over Candy Crush Loot Box For Youngsters

The Verge has a more balanced write-up: Game studios would be banned from selling loot boxes to minors under new bill

But here's the local rag hit piece:

Missouri Sen. Hawley finds a new target in his war with tech industry: Candy Crush

Sen. Josh Hawley has a new target in his crusade against Big Tech: Candy Crush and other apps aimed at kids that can be surprisingly costly for parents. The Missouri Republican introduced legislation Wednesday that would ban "pay-to-win" apps targeted to children.


Hyperblogal said...

Another one of those "i favor less government unless it's my idea "
sort of guys.

Anonymous said...

Hawley is becoming pretty good regards to his tech censorship positions lately. First I'd seen on the candy crush thing though

Anonymous said...

Top 5 Entities Hawkeye should Ban:

1. KC Star Editorial Board
2. AOC... never mind... she is a gift to Republicans
3. Biden...never mind... he is another gift
4. Pelosi...never mind again
5. The Clintons... they just aren’t self-aware (please just move to Russia)
6. Bezos. Pecker and him don’t get along...
7. Drones flown by Baloonzo Wash-a-ton...what a crime fighter!
8. Frank White. And a get out of jail free card for him.
9. Carwash Cleaver. Name one of his accomplishments outside of his claim of getting spit on
10. That’s more than 5. Feel free to add more.

Anonymous said...

^^no. I have a life. You apparently don't. Why don't you have anything better to do? How did you fail so badly?

Not A Black Man Portraying Alexander Hamilton said...

Hawley is just another whore for Israel.