Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kansas City Newsie Nice Chatter

Just a bit of a leftover from a bygone era. This kind of conversation was important long before the days of social media. Now it's merely a somewhat useful glimpse of how the establishment, sponsored content bloggers and a few transient reporters see local life that may or may not impact the plebs.

The description:

"Nick Haines, Caroline Sweeney, Steven Dial, Dave Helling and Kevin Collison discuss the first three years of the KC streetcar and what its future holds, the Kansas legislative session, the first KC mayoral debates, tax incentives for a new hotel, outrage over smart meters in Independence, the new head of ICE and his local ties, the debut of new car vending machine and the hullabaloo over Hamilton."

Take a look:

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Caroline is lovely

Anonymous said...

One question: Where is the money coming from to pay for the operation of these toy trains? (as if I didn't know)