Saturday, May 11, 2019

Kansas City Mayoral Debate Ignored Today

Via social media we notice A LOT of empty seats and mostly old school denizens at this Saturday festival of happy talk. Here's the write-up that mostly downplays the pathetic turnout in a contest that is driving most voters away. Take a look at the write-up OR THE CLOSELY CROPPED LIVECAST:

Debate: KC mayoral candidates talk $63M luxury hotel, crime, trash and neighborhoods

Councilwoman Jolie Justus and Councilman Quinton Lucas squared off in a debate Saturday as they campaign to be elected Kansas City's next mayor. They addressed an array of issues from crime to TIF incentives and housing. The Kansas City Star hosted the debate.


Anonymous said...

Fix the focking streets

Super Dave said...

You all thought Funk was bad well you ain't seen nothing yet. You thought James was worse well just hold on to your hats it's soon to get even worse.

Hyperblogal said...

The one on the left is the same as the one on the right; the one on the right is similar enough to the one on the left to be the same. This is the very definition of lackluster and the antithesis of change.

Anonymous said...

You tax dollars at work

Estimating and appropriating $235,976.28 to the City Legal Expense Fund and approving and authorizing settlement of a claim by Merriam Place LLC, Claim No. T1819-1082A.


Ayes: 13 - Wagner, Hall, Loar, Fowler, Lucas, Reed, Shields, Justus, Barnes Jr., Canady, Taylor, McManus, James, Jr.
Nays: 0

Chief Sitting Sharice said...

The Star backdrop gives them an aura of authority.

Anonymous said...

I agree KC is doomed with these two losers! Streets, crime, empty stores, filth everywhere, messed up streets with bike lanes taking up space causing traffic problems, when very few ride bikes in this town, and cheap looking buildings. The city looks like Hell!
Think either one of these morons can fix things? What a joke if you do! Face it KC had no candidate!

Anonymous said...

A lying lesbian vs. A lying drunk negro who has lived off welfare and affirmative action his whole life. Either way, we lose.

Anonymous said...

If everyone over the age of 65 was prohibited from attending these "forums", there wouldn't be anybody there all.
The oldsters still remember going downtown to shop at EBT and all the wonderful fountains, parks, and boulevards.
And even an actual city government!
That maintained streets and water systems, and had a police department.
Imagine that!
Those were the days!
And are they coming back?
With Justus, Lucas, and the menagerie of council candidates?

Anonymous said...

The roar of the flushing sound was so great no one could hear the sounds coming out of the candidates mouths.

Dex said...

This was a really sad showing. Don't think that there was much interest in either candidate by the end of it. Maybe the worst "debate" of all. Where two identical candidates didn't really distinguish themselves from one another.

Anonymous said...

The city looks like Hell!

Can't disagree with that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

(Disclosure: I don't think either candidate here is the right person to lead KCMO.)


Lucas won this debate and is now 3-0.

Both candidates have now begun to throw elbows and the race is getting a bit more interesting.

When they got to the question concerning the KCI terminal project, Lucas unveiled his "golden ticket" to the Mayor's Office. He hit Justus hard on her secret meetings for a no-bid project and her lack of collaboration with other Council members (after she had just previously claimed that was her strength). At the surprise KCI press conference where James, Kowalik, Schulte, and Justus announced the secret no-bid deal, everyone else on the Council was caught by surprise.

If Lucas keeps repeating the facts of the KCI terminal fiasco, and avoids sticking his foot in his mouth, he will become the next Mayor of KCMO.

Anonymous said...

Cosign. 100%


Anonymous said...

Which candidate will fire that fat ass Troy Schulte?

Anonymous said...

The best thing that could happen to this election is ZERO percent voter turnout.