Friday, May 17, 2019

Kansas City Friday After Work News Links


Friday news collection of news items worth sharing. Checkit:

Urban Core Tagger Expedition

KC Graffiti Tour big on history, art appreciation

Tour is a great way to learn more about Kansas City history and appreciate creative work from local artists.

More Local Trash Talk

Seg. 1: KCMO Trash Collection | Seg. 2: Nelson-Atkins' Walking Wall

Segment 1: Kansas City council votes unanimously Segment 2, beginning at 15:35: A months-long exhibition will see the unbuilding and building of a dry-stack stone wall in its journey around the museum. to bring all trash collection in-house.

Kansas Shakeup Today

DID YOU FEEL IT? Magnitude-4.4 earthquake registers near Medford, Okla.

The earthquake felt by many in south central Kansas and even some areas farther north, including Great Bend, registered as a magnitude-4.4 about 9.3 miles southeast of Medford, Okla. The earthquake registered at 3:33 p.m. Within a couple minutes of it happening, KWCH received several calls and messages from people who felt the shake.

Will They Fix Broadway Buck O'Neil Bridge??? Probably Not . . .

Missouri lawmakers OK $300M bonds for bridge repairs

JEFFERSON CITY, MO (AP) -- Missouri lawmakers approved a measure Friday that could authorize $301 million in bonds to repair 215 bridges across the state, allowing Gov. Mike Parson to make good on one of his top priorities just hours before wrapping up their annual session.

Show-Me Border War Surrender???

Missouri seeks truce with Kansas in incentives battle

Missouri lawmakers are renewing a truce offer with Kansas. Legislation given final approval Friday would prohibit Missouri tax incentives from being used to lure businesses from the Kansas side of Kansas City if Kansas adopts a similar policy within two years.

More Weather Deets

2 severe weather chances are headed our way

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- The middle of May is offering up a bumpy ride weather-wise. We've got two potent storm systems headed our way, so we will go over the setup, the kinds of severe weather we could see and the timing of the thunderstorms. Let's start with the setup.

Scary Forecast For Now

Strong storms possible Saturday

Rain and storms are likely early Saturday morning. There will be another chance for storms in the afternoon and evening. These storms could be stronger. The mai...

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People flying from out of town to see the liberal snake crawling across the street???? That is a huge LIE! Very few people and I want to stress very few are out at that wall! Maybe 3 at the most! It's nothing but a stone wall just like any other stone wall and represents nothing but liberals trying to get attention they so desperately need. Here's a clue....NO ONE CARES!

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When Emma asked me to stay late Friday night to review her project, she promised I wouldn't be tied up too long!!!