Sunday, May 05, 2019

Can We Make Kansas City Parks & Boulevards Great Again Amid Culture War?!?

Realistically . . . Most locals don't care about upkeep, budgeting, maintenance and the fight against crime that really contributes to the working order of parks . . . The real debate is over naming and turf rights. Here's a more upbeat perspective:

Kansas City's Park System Is 125 Years Old - How Do We Make It Last Another 125?

When George Kessler drafted plans in 1893 for a parks and boulevard system in Kansas City, he created a model for cities throughout the world. From Mexico City to Denver and Indianapolis, Kessler had a hand in hundreds of projects.


Anonymous said...

Fire all the current leadership and replace the idiots on the park board, all of them combined have an IQ of room temperature, these losers can barely get the grass cut let alone maintain them. As far as they’re concerned, the world ends in 12yrs anyway.

Super Dave said...

Kansas City use to have great things and was known for having great things and leaders.

Now look at the cluster fuck it has become.

Anonymous said...

Save us all the drama and start selling off all the little parks around the city. Our little postage-stamp parks are nothing more than gathering places for teens doing drugs and people looking to dump trash. Keep the "Star" parks such as Loose, Swope Park, and Penguin.

Anonymous said...

No we can't we are way beyond that. War is coming.

Anonymous said...

^^easy fatboy, you watch too much TV. Americans are too fat, lazy, and stupid to go to war.