Thursday, April 18, 2019

The Kansas City Afternoon Outlook

The view from North Oak circa 1950 for #TBT and a glimpse at some of the more important news links for right now . . .

Help Kansas City Good Cause Suffering By Way Of Old & Busted Infrastructure

Rescue mission needs help paying $20,000 bill

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A broken sewer line could leave a metro rescue mission on the hook for paying up to $20,000 in repairs as the facility looks for generous people to step forward. The Kansas City Rescue Mission opened a fitness and education facility last fall off East 11th Street on the same property as its Women's Center, which can house up to 20 residents.

JoCo Po-Po Looking For More Deets
After man falls to his death from flyover ramp in Lenexa, police seek witnesses
Internets Saves Kansas???

How Emporia, Kansas Fights Rural Brain Drain: 'Broadband Is The New Railroad'

A small city in Kansas is determined to prove The Onion wrong. Folks in Emporia, Kansas, weren't laughing when the satirical paper named it " best town to escape from " in 2017. In fact, the "brain drain" from rural areas has been a problem across the country for decades.

Cuteness Now On The Prowl

Be bear aware! Missouri's black bears have started coming out of their dens

Missouri Department of Conservation SOURCE: Missouri Department of Conservation The Missouri Department of Conservation said an estimated 350 black bears call southern Missouri home, and as the spring season gets underway, these mammals leave their winter dens in search of food.

Rock Chalk Career Save???

Kansas files appeal of De Sousa ban to NCAA

Kansas has filed its appeal to the NCAA regarding the ongoing suspension of forward Silvio De Sousa, the school announced Thursday. In February, De Sousa was ruled ineligible through the 2019-20 season. He had not played for the Jayhawks since October, when former Adidas consultant T.J.

Doggie Jobs For Everybody

Scollar aims to fetch 200 jobs for KC, trades Silicon Valley for Kansas City

uilding a business in Silicon Valley might seem sexy - but it isn't always the right choice, Lisa Tamayo said. "I don't know what you guys hear about the Coast, but hardware is quite challenging for any company in the Bay area because a lot of these Silicon Valley folks in San Francisco only like apps and SaaS and mobile ...

Here's How Kansas City Builds Hype

Kansas City Chiefs' schedule looks easy early, but difficult late

Apr 17, 2019 Adam TeicherESPN Staff Writer Close Covered Chiefs for 20 seasons for Kansas City Star Joined ESPN in 2013 The NFL has released its 2019 regular-season schedule. Here's a look at what's in store for the Kansas City Chiefs. Chiefs reporter Adam Teicher is predicting an 11-5 finish.

And this is another OPEN THREAD for Thursday . . .


Anonymous said...

Chiefs 9-5 another 2nd round playoff exit.


Reality Speaker said...

The Shitty might take some taxpayer money and help the Rescue Mission repair their facility. I do not believe taxpayers wold object if these kinds of assists were offered versus throwing money down the 18th and Vine, Toy Train and MLK ratholes.

Anonymous said...

3:51, FTW.