Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Show-Me Weed Legal Crisis In Missouri

On the bright side, distribution troubles in the medical weed game are settled with court cases and not gunfire. Here's the update. Read more:

Rollout of medical marijuana in Missouri hits another pothole

JEFFERSON CITY * Missouri's fledgling medical marijuana program could be facing its second lawsuit after a company bidding to help run the initiative cried foul over the awarding of a contract to a competitor.


Anonymous said...

Just make it legal and move on.

Everyone want to make a buck from the evil weed.

Reality Speaker said...

If only we had great weather all year, so we could have tents up and down the sanctuary downtown streets. Anytime one of the denizens needed to take a dump or piss, he/she (or any one of the other twenty some genders) could simply drop their pants (if wearing any) and do it on the sidewalk. Enough dopers and woke laid back leeches on the taxpayer tit and We could be a great shitty like San Francisco or LA! Really more important we get more weed. If everyone smoked, we wouldn't give a shit about potholes or bridges. Even inane troll geezer hater diaper boi would relax and throw his thesaurus away. We would, however, have to keep wearing Kevlar 'cause the natives still nearby.

Anonymous said...

I am a geezer and have been growing my own weed for 40 years. I will put my prosecutor up against any weed sold legal or otherwise in Colorado or anywhere.