Saturday, April 13, 2019

Kansas City Weather Is Fake News

The tease of more snow turned out to be just as deceptive as the inviting smiles of TV news personalities who mostly hate this town and can't wait to relocate to a bigger and better paying market . . . Checkit:

Kansas City will not see any snow this weekend

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- There was a lot of talk earlier this week about another round of winter weather headed for the Kansas City metro. I even wrote a blog that said, "winter is coming, again." I was trying to tie the weather into the Game of Thrones season premiere Sunday night.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Spring TKC. Every thunderstorm is now a tornado warning.

Anonymous said...

Or a "500 year flood".

Anonymous said...

No one said anything about snow in our city! Most of the forecasters have been right on the weather. The only one not included is Gary Lesak because he can't talk properly he has way more spit in his mouth than the normal person.

As for flooding well maybe some people need to look at all of the road closings and the rivers flood stage for about the last month.

Anonymous said...

^^^ not exactly true; I watch fox and the dude was all foaming at the mouth about the shoulda coulda woulda snow flurries; he acted like a kid in a candy store just hoping he could report about snow in april. I realize that their coverage is more than just kc proper but please, don't spend the entire weather forecast time on the iowa border folks or Columbia folks, they barely mention the city at all and if they do, one is so confused you really don't know what to expect. Fox used to be the calm before the more!

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching Fox when the weather dude killed himself - He was sacrificing himself and sending a message to everyone about how fake the news and weather truley is. RIP DON HARMAN and thanks for the heads up!!