Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Kansas City NextGen Contemplates Suicide

Sad news for youngsters and their parents as this reports reveals a lack of confidence and serious mental turmoil on the rise. Read more:

Growing number of KC kids seek help for suicidal thoughts

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Nathan and Sylvia Harrell and BJ Thomas know the pain of losing a child to suicide all too well. Chad Harrell was a happy go lucky 17-year-old heading into his senior year at Blue Valley North High School.


Anonymous said...

This ties in directly to one of the greatest problems facing Modern Society - too low a suicide rate among Evangelicals.

Where's another Jim Jones now that we really need them?
You're "saved", what are you hanging around in this shithole?

"Sometime I sit and wonder,
I sit and wonder why -
Everybody wants to get to Heaven,
Nobody wants to die!"

Anonymous said...

WTH is the matter with kids and their parents now days. Go back 30-40 years ago an this shit wasn't going on. Parents and our education system is making pussies out of todays kids.

Anonymous said...

Libtard weenies, just do it. No one wants the hear about your frigging feelings.

Anonymous said...

Social media and kid's perceived desperate need for acceptance and respect from equally desperate smart phone users is the problem. .

Shitcan those phones kids, and learn to be yourselves, not dependent on what others think.

Grimm Reaper said...

No person on the planet asked to be born into this dismal ant farm! I dont blame people for checking out on their own terms, actually the people that do figured out the joke on this planet and chose not to waste another minuet of their time getting the fuck out of here!! The young people are checking out in droves, because they see that they have to be enslaved for a lifetime just to make enough money so they can survive to show up to that shit job for shit pay, they also see that in forward motion of the next 30 years...they will get 2 days off a week, 1-3 weeks a year vacation while sacrificing their life to make someone else rich, hmmm whats the alternative? I think some have figured it out!

Mr. Big Pants said...

^^^^ Gross.

Choose life and live long enough to be proven right. It only happens to the best of us!

Anonymous said...

9:17 Who in the hell would belive that stupid shit? If we could get rid of all of this technology one might stand a chance, but at the end of everyday, most spent it making someone else rich to get a pidance check weekly or bi-weekly so they can put ramon noodles on the table and put gas in the jalope to get through the next 5 work days. The truth of the matter is - life is a prison! with weekend visits to experience what life truley is all about, and 1-3 weeks year vacation so the work force doesnt kill itself

Anonymous said...

^^ Maybe you should off yourself and get it over.

Anonymous said...

8:35, I wasnt talking about you illegal Mexicans that smoke work like crack - maybe you should stay on your side of the boarder and deal with life in your region....but you came here, and for what mother fucker? Roofs and lawn care?

Anonymous said...

10:47 - DAMN dude!! They actually do work their brown asses off, but they always send the money back to their families in Mexico. The Mexicans who are here thats fine, but they they need to learn the english laguage if they want to live here, and first and foremost be here legaly, Trump is a duche, I didnt vote for him but having a wall is actually a really good idea!