Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Fast Food Deal FAILS In The Dotte

This embattled project was a favorite target of local critics of Team Murguia and now that her political stock seems to be in decline, the developers weren't able to move past the drama and deliver the goods. Read more:

KCK fast food project stalls before commission

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Wendy's and Pizza Hut concept in Argentine that has been delayed for years now may not happen at all. Mayor David Alvey broke the news in a neighborhood meeting in mid-April. "The proposal that came to us from the developer, I did not support that and at that point I can't bring it forward to the commission," Alvey said.


Anonymous said...

They don’t want Mercian food down there man, they want Mexican food!

Not Byron Funkhouser said...

The other commissioners are weary of her tantrums and bullshit. The arrest was the egg on her face that won't go away.

Anonymous said...

Time for her to move on. She is a pain in the ass.