Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Will Internets Cash Pay To Put More Kansas City Police On Increasingly Violent Streets?!?

This legacy media hype report argues as much in a neat profile that doesn't really offer much info about more hiring. Read more:

How Internet Shopping Is Helping Kansas City Pay For More Cops

As Kansas City council members get ready to approve a new budget, the city finds itself with a couple of million dollars more than expected. City budget officer Scott Huizenga told the Finance and Governance Committee Wednesday that the city has about $2.5 million extra coming in this fiscal year.


Anonymous said...

Their motto, "If we think you might have weed, even if stage 4 cancer patient, we ARE THE LAW, and you will be arrested."
We protect the city from deadly weed, when not on speed trap patrol.

Bring these two Barneys to KC to patrol MLK blvd. Crime over.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Ouch.

Anonymous said...

More money to funnel to developers.

Anonymous said...

Stop funding Aim4peace. Complete waste of money.