Wednesday, March 13, 2019


Last night our blog community led local news with a no-holds-barred conversation about aviation reality and real life safety fear. Top echelon Kansas City Insiders told us that the plane would be grounded . . . Today the push back on the plane is news fact.

How it impacts Kansas City . . .

According to data from the Kansas City Aviation Department, the 737 Max 8 is scheduled to handle 1.7 percent of KCI's departures this month.

Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) is the only carrier operating the aircraft in Kansas City. In March, the airport's biggest airline is scheduled to use the 737 Max 8 for 82 of its 2,207 departures.

Check the links:

KCTV5: Crews scrambling after 737 Max 8 planes grounded at KCI

CNBC: US grounds Boeing 737 Max planes, citing links between 2 fatal crashes

KSHB: Former American Airlines pilot offers insight on Boeing 737 Max 8 jets

Bloomberg: Boeing Drops Most Since 2001 as Second 737 Crash Grounds Flights

KCTV5: KC pilots show the limits of flying on autopilot

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Strange times. Turns out the President was somewhat correct about the software problems.

Glad to see that a lot of complaints and concern forced the decision.

Oberon said...

^^^ Doesn't really matter. From what I hear AOC is going to ban all air travel soon anyway along with moving meatless Monday to an all week event.

Anonymous said...


And yet you didn't. Weird.

Anonymous said...

12:23 is very weird.

Unknown said...

Maybe you should have guessed there was a real long term problem after the Lion crash when they trained the pilots to handle a nose dive in a similar situation. That in itself says they didn't have a handle on the issue. I'm sure Boeing pressured someone to not ground the jets. I also see that their stock price hasn't suffered much. Go figure!

Byron Funkhouser said...

"From what I hear". (?)

You mean you didn't read her plan for yourself, you just listened to talking heads talk about something they probable haven't read, either.

It's funny watching the right make fools of themselves trying desperately to discredit a FRESHMAN Congresswoman.

I remember the night she won her primary election. I posted a comment here & said you might as well learn to spell her name now, & predicted this hysteria. (Some of it is because she is a young, beautiful Latina.)

Ah, yes, the airplanes: Once again Trump had to be shamed into doing the right thing. He's not worried about lives, he's worried about money.

Anonymous said...

^^^ how would you know? Isn’t the money you get from the gubmint for your supposed disability of being blind? She’s got a nice rack bLIEron and that’s about it, plus those huge teeth..... eeewwwwww

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, the two crashes of the Max are airlines in beyond third world countries. Areas where airspace control let alone professional piloting is virtually non-existent. Why haven't we heard of crashes in any of the 1st world countries? It's tragic losses, but basically like giving a child keys to a car with some minimal amount of operating knowledge and expecting nothing bad to happen. That's not to crap on those (I'm sure) wonderful countries and airlines. Or to say that we're not facing some major problems within the next decade with fewer and fewer qualified air traffic controllers managing ever more congested airspace. But it is to say this issue isn't nearly so scary as the media wants it to be, sex sells after all (TKC being a fine example).