Saturday, March 02, 2019

The Kansas City Saturday News Look

Hottie CharMac is a busy lady and continues to influence the pop culture. Checkit:

DC: Charlotte McKinney Talks About Love-Hate Relationship With Social Media - ‘It’s Not All It Looks Like From The Outside’

MC: Charlotte McKinney's Guess Collection Will Leave You Thirsting For Summer

Closer to home, these news links are worth a look right now . . .

Learn Kansas City Street Life

March 5: Learn About Kessler's Parks and Boulevards

News from the Roanoke Park Conservancy Kessler's Historic Parks and Boulevards: A Green Framework for a Great Kansas City Tuesday March 5, 2019. Plaza Branch of the Kansas City Public Library. Reception: 6:00 pm. Program: 6:30 pm. Noted landscape architect Kurt Culbertson will speak this Tuesday on George Kessler's historic work in Kansas City, and his relevance as we continue to move forward.

Counting On Kansas City

A 2020 census under-count in KC area could mean funding loss | The Kansas City Star

At stake in Kansas is $4.5 billion in federal dollars; $11 billion in Missouri. If too few people answer the 2020 census, the consequences may include leaner Medicare benefits and cuts in school-lunch aid.

Great Cause In Jackson County

Children's Mercy East to expand

Six years have brought significant growth to Children's Mercy East, with the medical center seeing a first year's 24,000 visits grow to a steady 76,000 per year.

Hoping For KCMO Comeback

Thou Mayest co-founder: Expect experiential retail in next location - Kansas City Business Journal

As Thou Mayest Coffee Roasters brews its next chapter, the one aspect that's guaranteed is a focus on experiential retail, co-founder Bo Nelson said. E-commerce has changed the game. For brick-and-mortar retailers to stay competitive, they have to adapt and focus on creating experiences - it's no longer good enough to simply offer high-quality products, he said.

Fight For The Planet In Kansas

With Protections For Creeks And Ponds At Risk, People Gather In Kansas To Sound Off To EPA

The water we drink is protected by federal rules, which are at the crux of a long-running fight over how far upstream that protection extends. "Agriculture is land and water. When you've got control of the water, you've got control of the land," said Blake Roderick with the National Waterways Conference.

Kansas City Changes The Game???

Kansas City Chiefs to propose overtime rule change to NFL

The Kansas City Chiefs faced off against the New England Patriots in the 2018 AFC Championship Game, in what was the former's first AFC Championship in over two decades. Rallying back against quarterback Tom Brady and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes did everything he could to save his defense and pull out a win.

Fortune Favors The Bold

Sporting KC's MLS Cup Odds

The Blue Testament doesn't endorse gambling. You shouldn't gamble with any money that you can't afford to lose. These odds are for fun. With the Major League Soccer season set to kick off today and Sporting Kansas City set to kick off MLS play on Sunday in Los Angeles, it's the perfect time to look and see who the odds makers believe will raise MLS Cup at the end of this season.

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Anonymous said...

That’s great news for children’s mercy east, very much needed and appreciated!

Anonymous said...

They're afraid illegal aliens will not fill out the census form because of the citizenship question. That, they say, could result in less funding because it would undercount people, both citizens and legal and illegal immigrants, in the area. But the funding would be sufficient for the population who are not afraid to respond (citizens and legal immigrants). So, the very obvious answer is, stop being a sanctuary city for illegals. Otherwise they will use up resources that should be going to those legally here and in need.

Anonymous said...

What's up with the stupid name of that coffee shop. What does Thou Mayest mean anyway? It sounds like some religious cult like those creepy IHOP people.

Anonymous said...

Children's Mercy East to expand

Be able to handle more gunshot victims, drug overdoses, and all the other victims of KCMO violence.

Anonymous said...

Why no comments permitted on Jewish Fundraiser post.

For gods sake we are not anti-semitismists here.

Give us some credit for christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

They should have named it Sharice’s Lesbian Latte.

Anonymous said...

I’d screw that Char-Mac real deep and hard.

Anonymous said...

Boo-freaking-hoo on the Census. If they simply counted heads at addresses, then fine. But they don't. They ask for information that is nunya.

And 20 years ago, having filled it out, I had a census worker show up on my door step wanting more in-depth information. I kept dodging his knocks and business cards left in the door. It went on for a month. He finally "caught" me at home. Bullies.