Thursday, March 07, 2019

Kansas Tax Standoff Coming Soon

Update on the struggle betwixt spending, education and tax relief that could threaten the "moderate" reputation of the granny guv. Take a look:

Kansas House Presses On With Tax Relief, Edges Closer To Showdown With Governor

The Republican-controlled Kansas House approved wide-ranging tax legislation Thursday. The measure would reduce sales taxes on food, which could help Kansans across the income spectrum. It would also give some big corporations a break, and that will likely spark a showdown with Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly.


Anonymous said...

Recreational weed would help. Kansas could then stop taxing groceries and having the 14th highest income tax.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if Kan-ass is hell bent on economic self destruction?

All America cares about is whether Kan-ass keeps shipping out beeves, wheat, corn & soybeans. The rest is just a drawn out suicide; if it bothered Kan-sassans, they'd put a halt to it.

Anonymous said...

Kansas should jump on the recreational weed wagon while they have a chance. Get the Oklahoma, Missouri and Nebraska money that is now going to Colorado. Strike while the bowl is hot.