Saturday, March 09, 2019

Kansas Conservatives Argue Against Removing Proof Of Citizenship For Voters

The right-wing perspective on recent voting "reform" championed in the Sunflower State cautions against the removal of ID checks that keep non-citizens from voting.

Here's the word:

Sentinel: ACLU wants proof of citizenship removed from voter registration


Legislation introduced by Rep. Brett Parker, (D) Overland Park, on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) would make it easier for non-citizens to vote in Kansas by removing the proof of citizenship requirement when first registering to vote. HB 2220 also allows people to register on election day and allows applications for advance voting to be placed on a permanent advance ballot list; that means someone could register to vote without ever appearing in person or having to provide proof of citizenship.

Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach calls that a “perfect recipe for voter fraud.”

“Same day voter registration allows anybody to show up at the polls and cast a ballot before their citizenship or their address can be verified,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

Every vote by a non-citizen nullifies a vote by a citizen. If voting is a right, and it is, then having your vote count is part of that right. A citizen's vote does not count when a non-citizen votes the other way. Requiring proof of citizenship to vote should be a no-brainer - even to the ACLU, except that it has been taken over by the political left, nd no longer cares about citizens' civil rights.

Anonymous said...

Only a Democrat would try to put in a POS law like that so that they can further screw the American citizen 14 different ways to hell

Anonymous said...

^^^ It’s the only way they can win

Anonymous said...

The ACLU's shitting the bed. This is an obvious attempt to legalize voter fraud and there's no way they can explain otherwise.

Anonymous said...

This is tantamount to hating America.
Why do Democrats hate America?
The are communists.. no doubt about it.
Look at AOC’s platform and you will see Communism parallels.
And the media is complicit.

Love that CNN is being sued for over $200 million for lying about the Catholic boy with the MAGA hat.
Hope is teaches them a lesson.

Steve Hanson said...

^^^ Hopefully MSNBC is next.

Anonymous said...

The name calling, militant, race baiting, bullying, intolerant left is trying to buy more votes. Federal law prohibits illegal aliens from voting but the the name calling, militant, race baiting, bullying, intolerant left doesn't care about following the law. The name calling, militant, race baiting, bullying, intolerant left will do whatever they have to do in order to acquire more power.

Anonymous said...

Only property owners that are citizens should be able to vote. The free shit army has no right to decide how tax money is spent.

Anonymous said...

Reinstate the draft and you'll see quickly the illegals say adios.

Same old crap said...

It should be a law that anyone who votes must show legal residents. The dumocrats don't want it. They would never win. Quit giving the freebies away to illegals.