Saturday, March 02, 2019


Quick round-up of the KCMO Winter scare and a overview of how locals are preparing for it.

A medias savvy tradition, locals RUN to the store to get break, milk and eggs. Because french toast is nice during the winter, I guess.

Winter Making Kansas City Weary

Ugh! Another snowstorm predicted for Kansas City this weekend

Kansas City, MO - There's an old adage about March coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb. The lion is roaring this weekend in Kansas City, where bitter cold temperatures are predicted, along with four to seven inches of fresh snow.

Dont' Forget About Doggie

With incoming arctic blast, concerns grow for pets left outside

Winter has left Chain of Hope short on some supplies as it tries to help animals left outside in the cold.The group is out year-round helping animals in distress. In the bitter cold, Chain of Hope said it receives as many as 30 calls a day about animals in need of food and shelter."The dogs that I know are outside haunts me every night.

KCMO Consumer Winter Prep
How to Brace for More Winter Weather
Show-Me Road Warrior Pre-Treat

MoDOT gears up for another snowstorm

Crews with the Missouri Department of Transportation are gearing up for snow this weekend."Somebody told me this will be No. 18 (winter storm.) I've kind of lost count of how many times we've been out with actual storms," said Lynelle Luther, a MoDOT maintenance engineer.Crews who were patching potholes Friday morning had to get trucks ready to clear snow this weekend."It's almost like a split personality.

Big Picture Forecast

Heavy snowstorm heading to the Northeast Friday night: What you need to know


Calm Before The Storm Forecast

Winter storm to blanket KC with several inches of snow

It looks like this next winter storm will drop several inches of snow Saturday night into Sunday.

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .

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Snowplow Man said...

This weather and snow has been very very good to me. My bank acct is full and I will make lots more before this weekend is out.