Monday, February 18, 2019

TKC EPIC Reader Suggested News Contemplates 'Scent Of A Woman' Missive

We don't always have time and a place for every news links sent our way but right now our blog community deserves a quick pause to consider this IMPORTANT column on the topic or our perceptions. Take a whiff:

A Lady's Many Scents

I've heard you should bathe in a "cap full" of apple cider vinegar as an alternative for douching, which also improves vaginal smell. Is there any scientific evidence to support this? - asked by Just looking for the science The scent of your vagina is primarily controlled by the colonies of healthy bacteria that populate the vagina.


Panty Sniffer said...

This story stinks.

Anonymous said...

There once was a patient, Jolieosis

Who was afflicted with multiple diagnoses

Her eyelids would droop, it was Ptosis

Her liver was shot from Cirrhosis

She alone could hear voices, it was her Psychosis

Her feet were ice cold from a case of Thrombosis

Her breath did suffer from bouts of Halitosis

And her bones slowly splintered from the Osteoporosis

But the gravest concern I delivered to said patient

Was when she declared for the office of Mayor

It was a classic case of HYSTERICAL NEUROSIS!

Anonymous said...

This blog needs more poems :)