Tuesday, February 19, 2019


A note on cold, hard consequences and isolation at the end of days for this former Catholic leader.

Theodore Edgar McCarrick is a defrocked American bishop, former prelate and former cardinal of the Catholic Church.

Recent background from both sides:

Crux: US bishops laud pope’s call to defrock McCarrick as ‘just,’ ‘determined’

NCR Online: People seize on McCarrick laicization for their own agendas

Fox: Georgetown rescinds honorary degree for defrocked McCarrick

KSNT: Cardinal calls McCarrick defrocking, banishment to Kansas 'important'

NY Post: Behind Ted McCarrick’s fall: the wrong kind of ‘openness’

The latest from advocates:

Keep Cardinal McCarrick in Kansas, SNAP Says

Activist word:

Though former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick has been defrocked, we hope - for the safety of children and vulnerable adults – that Catholic officials in Kansas will keep him at the friary where he has been living.

The disgraced prelate has not been there very long. He has likely not yet been able to win the trust of nearby families. Moreover, it is a small town so it is likely nearly everyone knows who he is and why he is there. Under those circumstances, the former Cardinal would no doubt have a tough time ingratiating himself into local families and potentially damaging more young lives.

However, if Cardinal McCarrick were to move back to New Jersey or Washington DC there are, sadly, sure to be more than a handful of families who believe he is innocent or "has been punished enough" or is no longer a threat to young lives. Church official should keep him where he is.

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Colombo said...

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Anonymous said...

Yes . . . keep him in Kansas.

Preferably, within the general population at Leavenworth

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The homosexual pedophilia in the Catholic Church, and the cover up of it is so abhorrent. It’s one thing to have a few loose cannons, but to have rampant abuse and aggressive shielding of the gay abusers is something else.

F’ing disgusting.

Anonymous said...

A bit of the back door in youth didn't seem to bother Alexander the Great much, nor Julius Caesar either. Not to mention Alcibiades, Emperor Hadrian and many others. Must be today's youth are (wait for it) weenies.

Anonymous said...

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NicK said...

Kansas? he should be in prison

Anonymous said...

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