Sunday, February 10, 2019

Kansas City Water FAIL Update

Here's a good part of KCMO infrastructure out of service today whilst taxpayer subsidies for developers are running 24/7 . . . Read more:

Water main breaks impact Waldo, south Kansas City

KANSAS CITY,Mo. - Two water-main breaks affected a large number of residents in central and south Kansas City, Missouri, on Sunday. KC Water said a 24-inch line broke near 3340 W. Coleman Road, but the one that affected the most customers was a 30-inch water main break near 9900 Blue River Road.


Anonymous said...

Lmao. Why would anyone live in Waldo anyway? It’s like the try hard of kcmo.

Anonymous said...

^^LAMO at a person who posts at 4:43AM worrying about what others do. LOSER!!!!!! LMAO!!!!