Friday, February 08, 2019

Kansas City Startup Scene Disappoints

Important local tech news reveals that dynamic new biz is taking a hit and there are fewer opportunities out there for bold Internets entrepreneurs. This reality check for the irrationally exuberant community is important for not only lowering expectations but prevent dangerous overspending whilst confronting further declines. Read more:

SPN report: KC underperformed on venture deals by $100M in 2018

Google Fiber infrastructure and cool tech jobs alone aren't enough to power a vibrant startup ecosystem rich with venture-backed investments, according to a new report that takes a critical look at Kansas City's place within the Midwest economy. "The [Kansas City] community boasts the fastest broadband speed and is competitive in most of the other categories.


Anonymous said...

LOL I predicted this would happen when Google came to flyover country and schmoozed Reardon to do their KCK lab rat experiment.

Anonymous said...

Silicon Prairie News


Anonymous said...

Idiots. We got the internet thing down and have for a long time now. If you want some money that bad come to the bay area and we'll listen to your pitch. You get 10 minutes max out here. If we can fit you into the schedule.

Anonymous said...

Just think how much worse it would be if google hadn't have come here