Monday, February 18, 2019

Kansas City Presidents Day Postscript: Prez Trump, McCabe, Truman & The Wall!!!

At the end of Presidents Day talk of high crimes and higher walls dominated the nightly chat shows.

Forgive this town's worst blogger for thinking that anything related to McCabe was about that 70s movie where Warren Beatty played an Old West pimp.

Turns out the conversation is more serious . . .

BBC: Trump lashes out at 'treasonous' officials after McCabe interview

We won't pretend to understand much related to the "deep state" if only because we don't want to get deported and it's a bit of a downer for this otherwise fun filled Prez day full of discount merch from China courtesy of so many other GOP leaders who were far more capitalist & big-biz-orientated than Prez Donald.

Thing of it is, here in KC, Prez Truman is still the all-time cowtown fave thanks to his local roots, racist mother-in-law and connection to our glory days of municipal corruption.

Meanwhile, the current Prez is writing his own history that might end with an EPIC wall, a scathing indictment or Oprah putting one lucky Democratic Party lady in the White House -- Her greatest giveaway yet.

Here are some links to ponder amid the overnight for our shift worker, insomniac and night owl denizens.

Forbes: On Presidents Day, A Look At How Much Influence Presidents Have On Your Taxes

Hill: McCabe: Trump 'may have' committed a crime in blocking Russia probe

Guardian: Andrew McCabe claims Trump believed Putin over US intelligence – video

Fox News: New York, California, 14 other states sue Trump in Ninth Circuit over emergency declaration

Military: Florida Military Bases Could Lose up to $177 Million to Trump's Border Wall

DC: ‘All Options Are Open’: Trump Puts Venezuelan Military On Notice

NBC: Presidents Day shows how time can change legacies. Just look at Washington and Lincoln.

Hopefully, more for the morning update . . . STAY TUNED!!!


Anonymous said...

Trump will get the wall. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Keep dreaming. The wall we have doesn't really work or doesn't matter. IF the wall was so important Trump would have built it when the Democrats were willing to give him 25 billion for it. The tax cut for the rich was far more important to him.

Anonymous said...

Pence will make a fine President.

Anonymous said...

The wall is getting built, Trump wants to finish what Barry left undone, remember, Barry built almost 700 miles of the wall when he was prez. Did the libs forget that already?

Anonymous said...

Trump resist queers are too busy amaking up klan hoaxes to be concerned with security.

Anonymous said...

McCabe and Mrs Miller, a depressing but altogether great film.

Anonymous said...

^^^ True dat.

Anonymous said...

The Alex Jones conspiracy weirdos should be in over drive today! Quick question, do you nutcases behave this way in public or do you keep it under wraps and let it rip on the internet?

Anonymous said...

Our President is an excellent Russian puppet! Hamberder paerty!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Trump seems to be a bit confused between himself and the United States Government.

A Justice Department Official discussing the provisions of the Constitution does not constitute "treason"!

Trump is a President, not a King!

Anonymous said...

"Do doot de doot dedoot -
just BIDEN my time,
that's the kinda guy I'm,
grinnin' at the crap I hear,
waitin' for the dust to clear,
just BIDEN my time..."

Anonymous said...

Nah. When you openly plot to remove a duly elected President on bogus grounds, that's criminal. Sorry! ;)

Anonymous said...

^^Nah. When the duly elected president openly commits obstruction of justice, that's criminal. Sorry! :(

Anonymous said...

There's no proof he was duly elected.

When you cheat by conspiring with foreign and hostile governments, the "win" doesn't really count.

BTW, he also lost the popular vote. Bigly.