Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Kansas City Plan Commish Seyz: Sky's The Limit On The Country Club Plaza

Rules governing corporations and big money special interests stay losing and this town's crown jewel entertainment district, like most of Midtown, is mostly at the mercy of developers any anybody looking to tear down history is order to turn a taxpayer subsidized profit.

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Proposal on height of Plaza buildings falls short

The idea of what the Country Club Plaza should look like in the future was at the center of a debate Tuesday at the Kansas City Plan Commission meeting, where a proposal to keep Plaza buildings under a certain height fell short.


Hyperblogal said...

Kathryn wants to preserve history; unless it's named Paseo.

Anonymous said...

Need to ban Price Brothers from doing anything on The Plaza.

That will fix most of the problem.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Start a petition and put it on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

It would have been nice to save it, but I think it's to late now. The Plaza is going down hill faster every month it seems. Things change, unfortunately the Plaza has changed for the worse, it's also been purchased by mall people who don't have a clue about the history of it or what it was suppose to be like. Forever 21 and Nike among other cheap shops are not helping. The Plaza was world renown for it's shops and that is now gone. The only thing tourists and some locals like now is a few of the eating places that are popular. Crime has played a big factor too.

Anonymous said...

The City Plan Commission is a bunch of self-absorbed fools that suck up to developers.
The Chairwoman is burnt out and is clueless about real leadership. She dominants the other commissioners and starts cases with bias. Wonder how much money her law firm has made from developers? She does not serve the citizens of Kansas City. We need term limits on commissioners, as she needs to go!!!!