Friday, February 01, 2019

Celebrate: This Rich White Lady Rules Kansas City Independent Journalism

Overnight "IN KC" dumped a boat load of content right out of the 1987 Reagan-era onto the local Internets. To be fair, for those stuck in a dentist's office this is good news . . . But since the only dentist TKC visits is a pair of pliers and Listerine . . . It's mostly meaningless consumer garbage that litters KCMO like a used tissue thrown from a German luxury car and headed back across the State Line as soon as the sun goes down. Enjoy . . .

Cooking for a Dinner Party is Not Such a Big Deal When You've Got the Perfect Recipe - In Kansas City

I remember the first real dinner party I ever gave, when my husband and I were dating. The food was a disaster. The menu included, for starters, a seven-layer Mexican Dip, enough to fill a suitcase, which I served with taco chips and pre-dinner margaritas.

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