Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Catholic Clergy Targeted By KBI

Law enforcement note wants TIPS and community cooperation against The Catholic Church after a litany of complaints and bad press. Take a look:

KBI to investigate reports of Catholic clergy sex abuse

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation says it is investigating reports of sexual abuse by clergy in the state's four Catholic dioceses. In a news release issued Tuesday, the KBI encouraged all victims of clergy abuse to contact the agency. In November, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt asked the KBI to investigate clergy sexual abuse allegations.


Anonymous said...

And when will they start investigating abuse in public schools? As soon as public schools give them their list. And that will happen as soon as the teachers union gets out of the way. And that will happen.... never.

Anonymous said...

The KBI itself is a joke and full of homosexual cocksuckers. Completely inept and chickenshit agency.

Anonymous said...

^^Show the proof before they see this dickwad.