Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Kansas City Tuesday Crime Roundup

Our favorite lady prison drama inspires real life reform and closer to home these news links cover the top crime stories of the day. Checkit:

Aftermath: Kansas City Deadly Shooting Suspect Captured

Man, 21, charged in connection with Oak Leaf Drive homicide

A 21-year-old Kansas City, Missouri, man has been charged in connection with a deadly shooting off Oak Leaf Drive Monday. Prosecutors have charged Jason K. Cook with second-degree murder and armed criminal action in connection with the shooting death of Cameron Douglas.

Life In Prison For Lady Driver

Mother who drove children into Kansas River gets life sentence

LAWRENCE, KS (KCTV) -- A Missouri mother who pleaded guilty to the murder of one child and attempted murder of another will serve life in prison. Douglas County District Attorney Charles Branson announced Tuesday that 26-year-old Scharron R.

More Cash For Prison In The Stix

Show-Me Death Culture Fight

Missouri Supreme Court To Decide Whether A Part Of The State's Death Penalty Law Is Constitutional

The Missouri Supreme Court is set to hear arguments Wednesday in a case challenging the legality of one aspect of Missouri's death penalty statute. Marvin D. Rice, a former deputy sheriff in Dent County, was convicted of first-degree murder in 2011 for killing his ex-girlfriend, who was the mother of his child, as well as her boyfriend.

Tech Creeper Suspect Confronts Serious Charges For Confidence Scam

Justice Equation Equity?!?!

In Kansas, Algorithms Might Rewrite Who Stays In Jail And Who Bails Out

Let's say you're arrested. You're booked into your local jail and the district attorney decides to press charges. The next day, you make your first court appearance in front of a judge, who then has to make a decision. Let you go home before trial - or keep you in jail?

Spy Cam Comes To College Town

Lawrence police expected to have body cameras by summer

LAWRENCE, KS (AP) - Lawrence police officials say all officers in the department should be wearing body cameras sometime this summer. The Lawrence Journal-World reports 10 officers, with support from four staff members, have been testing the cameras since November. Police Capt.

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Anonymous said...

Local hotties show off VERY pert backsides while wearing skimpy thongs during bra stealing binge on the Plaza.

Maybe someday

Anonymous said...

Kansas is really screwing up. Criminals disrupt victims lives so they deserve to have their lives disrupted.

Anonymous said...

These poor kids today don't have a chance, if momma isn't aborting them, then momma or daddy are killing them in some way. Bring them to my house I'll raise them.