Monday, January 14, 2019

Adiós Kansas City Startup Village

In this missive the newspaper runs hype for this Kansas City tech dream unrealized along with hope of easy Internets fortunes and sweet, endless taxpayer subsidy. Take a look:

Google Fiber-inspired KC Startup Village a successful failure | The Kansas City Star

Nobody's in a huge hurry these days around the narrow crossing of State Line Road and 45th Street, where cars take turns at a four-way stop. On the northwest corner, an upholsterer is closing in on 50 years of meticulously stitching new life into old furniture.


Anonymous said...

Did they blog?


Anonymous said...

I predicted this joke of a concept would fail before they even started getting going.

Anonymous said...

Google came into town looking to "smash up and break things" as an experiment, bull shitted and brainwashed the local politicos, Mr. Clown suit included. who subsidized them with taxpayers money, free power, free offices, free this etc etc.

Fuck Google and their ice cream cones and rainbow bunnies.

Anonymous said...

The leaked Google video confirmed what many of us already knew, which is that these “don’t be evil” tech executives are a bunch of superficial phonies, cut from the same cloth as rapacious bankers or crooked politicians.

Anonymous said...

^^^ And the apologists and lemmings also.

Anonymous said...

I've lived in KC most of my life and have never heard of this place.

Google fiber, in general, was good for KCMO. Think Google has ended up taking a big loss on it, but oh well. not my money