Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The Kansas City Midweek News Stroll

First and foremost, news on the topic of hottie fashions:

Daily Mail: Demi Rose leaves VERY little to the imagination as she flaunts buxom bust in daringly cut mini dress

Inquisitr: Demi Rose Leaves Little To The Imagination In Tiny Red Dress, Asks ‘Naughty Or Nice?’

Birmingham Live: This is how to date Demi Rose Mawby - in her own words - Model and social media star gave guys tips in bid to 'make the world a better place'
And then, a quick peek at life in this town tonight:

Council Lady Winning
Kansas City Councilwoman Heather Hall Appointed to National League of Cities Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee
Newspaper Argues With Itself

Denverization isn't Troost's problem. A lack of people is | The Kansas City Star

Jason Segedy, director of planning and urban development for Akron, Ohio, notes that the problem with economically distressed areas is not inequality. The problem is poverty. Too many residents are equally poor.

Help Family Find This Guy

KCK Police asking for help to find man missing for 7 weeks

The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department is again asking for help to find a man who hasn't been seen or heard from now in seven weeks. Police said Gregory Smith Jr. was last seen leaving his residence in the 3100 block of Minnesota Avenue on Oct. 24.

American Auto Slow Down

GM Fairfax plant operating far below capacity

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) -- A new report raises concern about the future of General Motor's Fairfax plant and the thousands of employees who work there. The Detroit free press reports it is one of four General Motor plants currently operating far below their production capacity.

School Shift For The Stix

Park Hill School District reveals recommended redistricting

Roughly 12,000 families will be affected by a decision from Park Hill's School Board on Thursday night. After several months of discussion and input, the board will vote on a plan to redistrict. For 35 straight years, the district has grown in size, and now, with new schools, the redistricting is considered needed.

Sentimental Local Worker Profile

Behind the scenes with Hallmark ornament artist

KANSAS CITY, MO. - For Hallmark master artist Ken Crow, it's Christmas 365 days a year. "I only thought I was only going to be here two years and I've been here 39 years and four months and I'm still just starting," said Crow. His job full time is creating the Keepsake Ornaments at Hallmark.

Soggy Thursday Game Day

Rain possible for Thursday morning commute, showers may linger into Chiefs game

A few snowflakes could mix in with that rain, but accumulations aren't favorable

And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Anonymous said...

That’s funny, we are the fourth most murderous city in the world and they pick someone from killa shitty to be on a public safety and crime prevention committee, now that’s funny right there!

Anonymous said...

If you are some young stupid hipster looking to move into a new apartment on Troost you are in for a rude awakening. Your white guilt to live among the east side thinking its rainbows of unity is pathetic. You will hear gunfire, sirens, and it will not be safe for you after dark. You bring yourself closer to violence. You idiot.

Mr. Diversity said...

Denverzation of Troost: Yeah, just don't take a cab with another passenger.
He may like to shoot drivers 20 plus times. Also, if asked for a cigarette, RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!! Other than some simple rules (to stay alive) like that, you should be just fine. Free fireworks (drivebys) every evening for entertainment and many other perks. Carwash and bowtie will be down there often to make sure you're happy.

Anonymous said...

^^Help!!! I'm soooo old and sooo scared!!! I'm a pussy! Help me! I want to hide under my bed!!! I'm such a pussy!!!1

Anonymous said...

^^^ Who didn't know that?