Thursday, December 13, 2018

KCK Rock Chalk Design Pr0n

Beautiful building promo of a burgeoning that's blighting the 39th street area and encroaching on KCMO neighborhood. Still, pretty pictures that obscure the fact the hospital was mired in labor struggles and violence this year. Take a look:

CO Architects creates highly transparent Health Education Building in Kansas

A glazed box revealing floors wrapped in a terracotta screen forms part of this new academic facility, designed by CO Architects for a university in Kansas City. Built on the site of a former parking lot, the Health Education Building is located on a prominent corner in the University of Kansas Medical Center campus - on the Kansas side of the state border with Missouri.


Anonymous said...

They need a building that size and fill it up with opioids to be dispensed at will. I’m not addicted, I have been taking large quantities of opioids everyday for 20+ years. I get mine from the best source, the VA.

Anonymous said...

^^Good for you! Now hurry up and OD!

Anonymous said...

Ah they are going to turn Volker into L.A.

When do they start bulldozing out the geezers?

Anonymous said...

Well that addition is certainly going to help decrease everyones medical costs.