Saturday, December 22, 2018

Kansas City Newsie Year In Review 2018

Local journalists attempt to define Kansas City for 2018 and set the agenda for the year to come . . . Meanwhile, the power of the media to dictate public interest is decreasing as the NEXTGEN is far more interested in their social media feed than dictates of pundits.


"Nick Haines, Dana Wright, Steve Kraske, Steven Dial and Dave Helling pick the year's top headlines, the biggest winners and losers, Kansas City's person of the year and make predictions for 2019."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

Clown Show Week in Review, staring Nick Haines and the Court Jesters. (Dana Wright, Steve Kraske, Steven Dial and Dave Helling)

Anonymous said...

Wish Kraske would go back home to Wisconsin and suck on the taxpayer teat there.

Anonymous said...

People actually take this seriously?

Anonymous said...

Wow, libs picking libs.

Anonymous said...

Why is a guy from Wales, U.K. chief talking head of this program.

Anonymous said...


A wee bald Welshman leads a quartet of flaky half-baked newsies in a yearly review.

Dana Wrong -- 50-percent is a failing grade.

Steve Krapske -- once told a group of students that he was an Olympic gold medalist. They guessed he was a BI-athlon!

Dave Smelling -- wears a wig that he lifted from Rachel Maddow's dressing room.

Steven Dial -- worries that if anything goes wrong during the program, the 4 white liberals will call the cops and blame him.


Which KCMO metro Democrat created the biggest mess?
a) Frank "I lost my house on the courthouse steps" White
b) Mike "I stole money to expand my wig collection" Sanders
c) Sheriff Mike "sex trafficker" Sharp
d) New Sheriff Darryl "I'm going to law school" Forte
e) Sylvester "Queer Eye Amazon bow-ties" James
f) Jean "soft on" Peters "gay cake" Baker