Thursday, December 13, 2018


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Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain Issues Open Ultimatum To Council Candidates Also Running For Mayor

Outsider mayoral candidate Clay Chastain, Kansas City's Last Great Hope to save it from corruption and decline, hereby issues the following open ultimatum to the six city council members... Quinton Lucas, Jolie Justus, Alissia Canady, Scott Wagner, Scott Taylor and Jermaine Reed... running for mayor:

Unfortunately, this ultimatum does not bring with it good tidings.

The City, apparently under Sly James' orders and your acquiescence, wrongly and deliberately placed me on the City's SECRET "Watch List" (for citizens the city considers "dangerous") for political retaliation. This resulted in my being unduly detained, unduly searched and unfairly accompanied throughout city hall by an armed security guard for over 3 years. The intent of this wrongful and illegal act against me, directed by the Sly James' Administration and the City's legal department, was to improperly use the city's security force to harass me, intimidate me, humiliate me and smear my public reputation.

Though impassioned about my various causes to help improve Kansas City over the years, I have never given the city any reason whatsoever to believe me capable of committing violence against anyone at city hall or threatening anyone at city hall with violence. I am a peaceful family man and a christian.

I am currently suing the city for defamation and have won the first two rounds in the circuit court of the Honorable Judge Kevin. D. Harrell. However, the city is now appealing Judge Harrell's ruling and trying to drag this case out until Sly is out of office. A government cannot treat its citizens like that.

Here is your ultimatum: Instruct Mayor Sly James and the city's legal department to quickly settle this matter out of court with me (so that all the candidates in the mayor's race can focus on the issues facing our City) or else I will make this lawsuit, and the city hall corruption surrounding it, an issue during the campaign and mayoral debates.

Kansas City Mayoral Candidate Clay Chastain

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Anonymous said...

Thing of it is, when there are more than 10 people running for mayor. It's anybody's ball game. He could win.

Anonymous said...

Clay wants the money to fund his mayoral bid.

Super Dave said...

Many including myself never thought Davids would win her race but she did. I don't think you, myself of anyone else has a grasp on who will win an election anymore. 10:55 is right, Clay could walk away the winner here. Is he the man for the job? I don't know for sure, but so far has any of the others really made you think they are who should be the next Mayor?

Anonymous said...

It's like talking to mannequins or people frozen in time. Clay knows that.

Anonymous said...

Just when you might think that KCMO city government couldn't possibly get more ridiculous and amateurish, along comes Clay.
How can all these clowns fit into that one tiny car?
The laughingstock of the entire region!

Anonymous said...

I will vote for him.