Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Gunfire Aboard Kansas City Bus Tonight

Quick peek at the local urban core transit scene this evening. Whilst KCMO leadership fret about more cash for the toy train it's clear that more cash for better security on high crime routes would be a better investment of the money. Take a peek:

KC police investigate call of shots fired at RideKC bus | The Kansas City Star

Kansas City police were investigating on Prospect Avenue Wednesday night after receiving a call of shots fired at a RideKC bus.


Anonymous said...

That's cool ! KC is a exciting city

Anonymous said...

Probably a ghetto punk trying out his new stolen gun before he actually robs someone with it.

Anonymous said...

Just wait....when the street car is connected to the plaza. Watch what happens. As for the city bus....not safe. Cops are always at the bus stop downtown by the library and it’s not to hand out baseball cards either.